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Member Benefits

Member Benefits

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Member Benefits

Preferred Vendor List: All BBMC members automatically become part of the BBMC preferred vendor list. The BBMC consults this list first when seeking goods and services for the organization.  The BBMC also makes this list available to public and private companies who are seeking specific goods and services.

BBMC E-Directory: The BBMC will maintain a website directory of all current members. This directory will be updated on a daily/weekly basis as new members come in.  Members who elect not to renew membership will be removed from the directory.  This directory will be accessible to anyone who visits the BBMC website.

BBMC Published Directory: An annual directory of all current members will be published and distributed (via PDF File and hard copy) in January of each year. The directory may be distributed to select major businesses, government agencies, BBMC members, and others.  This directory will include listings for each member, their business nameand brief description, contact information, etc.

BBMC Annual Report: The BBMC will produce an annual report that will be distributed (in limited quantities) to key stakeholders locally, statewide, and nationally. PDF copies will be available to members.

BBMC Monthly Membership Spotlight: Each month, a select BBMC member company will be featured on the BBMC website, BBMC Facebook and Twitter Page, and BBMC E-MAIL ALERTS. All member businesses who want to be featured will be invited to complete the application.

BBMC B2B Member-to-Member Discounts: All BBMC members will be advised of discounts and perks offered by other BBMC member companies. A PDF file of all member discounts will be distributed to members via e-mail at the end of each year.

Members Only Networking Opportunities: The various BBMC will periodically host FREE open meetings for all interested BBMC members. These meetings provide informal networking opportunities.

OPEN Networking Opportunities: The BBMC will host programs that are open to the general public. These programs will always be free (or minimal charge) to BBMC members.  Non-members may be required to pay.  These are opportunities to exchange business cards, discuss products and services, and discuss possible partnerships and joint ventures.

Training and Technical Assistance: The BBMC will survey members to determine training needs, and then secure the assistance of the appropriate professionals to provide the necessary training and technical assistance. As much as possible, this is done without additional costs or fees to members.  This training can be provided in the form of workshops, information sessions, one-on-ones, classes, conferences, and more.

Groundbreaking / Grand Opening / Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies: BBMC member companies who are launching or re-launching their businesses (or new products and services) may request these services from the BBMC. Services may include assistance in planning the program, preparation and distribution of a press release, posting through the BBMC E-MAIL ALERTS and on BBMC social media sites, attendance and remarks by BBMC leadership, an actual cutting of the ribbon or breaking of ground, and limited assistance with refreshments.

Priority Seating at Chamber Signature Events: The BBMC hosts signature events and receptions each year. BBMC members (upon receipt and payment of reservations on or before stipulated deadlines) and their guests (who are seated at the same table with them) will receive priority seating selections.

Priority Pricing at BBMC Signature Events: The BBMC will offer tickets to BBMC members at a price less than the marketed price of the tickets. Guests of BBMC members may also be eligible for tickets at discounted prices.  BBMC members must purchase tickets within prescribed time frames and deadlines to receive discounts associated with membership.

Strategic Advocacy: The BBMC Organization is lead by a president and a 15-person board of directors. Members of the BBMC board of directors assume their seats on the board with the expectation they will actively serve as advocates for all BBMC member companies.  The composition of the 15-person board includes attorneys, university presidents, corporate leaders, politicians, public officials, professional consultants, community advocates, small business owners, and more.  Collectively, these individuals serve on dozens of other boards, committees, task forces, and other leadership positions where they speak up and speak often about the BBMC in general and its members in particular.

Matchmaking and Referrals: The BBMC will identify opportunities for members can present their goods and services to buyers and purchasing agents for government agencies, private corporations, non-profit groups, and other small businesses.

When possible, members may set up display space that highlights their products, capabilities, and marketing materials.  BBMC administrative staff will assist members as much as possible.

Matchmaking and referrals on a small-group or individual scale are done on an ongoing basis.  BBMC distributes the directory and annual report to buyers on an ongoing basis and invites buyers to search the BBMC website directory for vendors.

Access to Member-Only Resources, Discounts, Opportunities: The BBMC occasionally has access to resources (tickets to events, access to conferences, discounts for goods or services, etc.) made available exclusively to the BBMC. As much as possible, these resources and savings will be passed down to and shared with BBMC members.

BBMC Paraphernalia and Incentives: BBMC members will periodically receive incentives (i.e. tee shirts, golf shirts, flash drives, ink pens, pencils, notepads, etc.) as expressions of appreciation.

BBMC Endorsements: The BBMC administrative staff and board of directors may provide letters of support, letters of recommendation, and letters of commendation, for BBMC members upon request. [BBMC Board of Directors and administrative leadership staff reserve the right to decline requests that create a conflict of interest or that do not adequately reflect the standards, values, and mission of the BBMC.]